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Yojana Access: All schemes on one click

Smriti Bharadwaj, Namrata Mishra, Ramneek Kalra


In a developing country like India, it becomes mandatory that every underprivileged member of the country is aware of the various schemes initiated by the government. Making use of the machine learning and web development, we propose an idea to develop an online portal that will serve as the direct link between the government and the citizens which is “Yojana Access”. This portal will reduce the paperwork and there will hardly be any need left to actually go on-site and take the survey in person. On the basis of the data collected the portal will be able to display nearly exact statistics by making use of machine learning algorithms whereas the web development will help us create an interactive interface for the portal.Improving the communication between the government and the citizens is one of the major assistances that this portal will provide. Besides that, we will be able to fight poverty in a strategic manner. Through this portal we will be able to convey the different schemes to the citizens by attaching a link to these schemes in the portal. This will be another step towards the making of digital India and towards reducing corruption by removing the third party/mediators.

Keywords: Machine Learning, Web development, Digital India, HTML, Firebase

Cite this Article: Smriti Bharadwaj, Namrata Mishra, Ramneek Kalra. Yojana Access: All Schemes on One Click.Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2020; 7(2): 32–38p.

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