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Augmented Reality Navigation for College Campus

Girish Gajanan Pote, Vaibhav Shantaram Shinde, Uttam Arjun Patro, Vrushali Pankaj Thakur


We all already knows and used every time the outdoor navigation system which are based on GPS technology, but this is not possible for indoor navigation so with the help of augmented reality technology, we develop indoor navigation application which can be deployed in large buildings like hospital, college campus, airport and guide visitors to reach the desired destination point. With the help of this application, user get guided instructions like when he have to moved left, right or go straight and reach the destination location without any trouble. There is the navigation of the path in our system from starting position to the destination where the user wants to reach his destination with navigation system assistance. The user selects the location where he/she wants to reach in the campus, scans his/her current location and scans the beginning position. The 3D augmented visual pointing arrows on the device attendant the user to reach the desired location or destination point. The whole system was developed using Unity and Android Studio along with some other platforms, and will be ready to use in Android operating system. This is new thing and an innovation for the
local users of the Android and Unity. This project totally be used for simulations and user interactions as a developing platform.


Augmented reality (AR), 3D augmented, developing platform, Google Maps, Trackable, video positioning system

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