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Change in Education Scenario Due to COVID–19

Kajal Kumari, Ankita Jain, Komal Agarwal


Challenges of Covid-19 and Changed Form of Education Process: An Exploration India not only the whole world is facing an unprecedented difficulty due to the 'Covid-19' epidemic.The lockdown led to the closure of all educational institutions, disrupting teaching. In order to ensure the smooth dissemination of knowledge, all educational institutions from school to university have to adopt alternative educational online learning, which is called digital learning, e-learning, web-based learning, virtual space learning, remote learning, distance learning or home education. Etc. are also known by names.In this way, Corona has forced us to work from the virtual platform (which is new to most) in place of the traditional real-world platform (in which we are more comfortable). A large number of students and teachers have shown eagerness in receiving new ways of online education, nevertheless many limitations. They are getting involved in online learning through forms of discussion, homework, providing digital study material and to some extent assessment, so they are eligible to be congratulated for accepting online education only to some level.


Methodology, Positive Impact of Covid-19 on Education, Distance Learning, Negative Impacts of Covid-19 on Education

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