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Live Health Monitoring System Using Internet of Things

K Bharath, M. Bharath Raj, R. Gobinath, K. Ilakkiya, N. Kayalvizhi


Health is a condition of complete physical, mental and social prosperity and not only the shortfall of infection or illness. Healthis the degree of valuable and metabolic power of a living organic entity. Nowadays death rates are increasing owing to sudden heart attack. Annually 7 lakhs sudden cardiac death (SCD) cases occur in India. Periodic medical check-up is required to monitor the heart patient’s body condition. The existing method only used inside the hospital and not portable and not wearable. The major drawback is some heart patients may die due to lateness in medication. Our main objective is to overcome this drawback by tracing heart patients live health details with the aid of sensors and internet. The live health monitoring system track the health details of heart patient's heart rate, oxygen level in the blood and temperature in the normal condition or abnormal condition and current location. Any abnormal changes the heart patient health details and location are send the Blynk server. Blynk app can also track the patient’s location using the map which is available in the Blynk application. The Blynk server is connected to Blynk app so we can see any time these details in our mobile. If system detects any abrupt changes in patient’s heart rate or temperature, the system will send the information and current location to patient’s relation or family doctor. If any emergency situation the message will send automatically to the heart patient caregivers. This project will helpful to reduce death rates and rescue those who are affected by sudden heart attack, safely medicated at correct time. This article explains about the idea in the field of health in order to save the peoples those who are in danger due to sudden heart attack by designing a wearable device which can sent the notification to the doctor or to his/her guardian when he/she is in danger with the help of Internet of Things.


Healthmonitoring, heartbeat, blood pressure, pulse rate, doctor

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