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Improved Double Layer Encryption Algorithm of Secret Codes in Steganography

Dhiviya Rose J, Isha Mittal, Ramya Mihir, Shubhangi Gupta, Sahil Verma


Steganography is the way of hiding information to secure data for safer communication to take place. It is a process where the information is hidden in another format may be an image, voice, or video. Various other different file formats can be used, like JPG, JPEG, MP3, etc., but digital images are the
most popular and considered the best ones because of the frequency they provide on the Internet to the users. For hiding secret information in image format, various stenographic techniques can be used these days. Different applications require different options of the steganography technique that is used. Some applications that are used for this purpose require complete invisibility of the secret information while some of them require a large secret message that must be hidden. This project focuses on providing an overview of what is image steganography, its uses and the techniques used by steganography, and how it will provide double security to the user. For a more secure and a protected approach, the project encrypts the message using a two-level secret key and then sends it to the receiver. The receiver then decrypts the message to get the original one with the help of the images. This project implementation will include hiding the text message/code in an image file, then  encryption (the process of hiding) of the same message will be done, to support and make it more secure steganography and the decoding of the secret message, decryption and source message/code retrieval will be there with the help of the image.


Steganography, encryption, secret key

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