An Implementation of Maintaining Database and Generating Report using K-Means Algorithm

Prashant P. Kulkarni, Dipali H. Patil, Akshata V. Ghodke, Tejashri S. Pansare, Javed I. Tamboli


This is a sponsored project from Electronics Testing and Development Center (ETDC), a government organization which works under Standardization Testing and Quality Certification (STQC), Government of India, and provides quality assurance services in the area of electronics and IT through countrywide network of laboratories and centers. Automation of testing and calibration of electronic instruments will assist ETDC in providing these services in a better way by generating report and maintaining history of customer and electronic instruments on web-based paperless system. For generating report, the authors have applied data-mining algorithm as k-means algorithm.

Keywords: K-means algorithm, data mining

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