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Accessing Secured Data in Cloud Computing Environment

N. Alaguraj, R Jayakumar


Number of industries using cloud computing has enlarged intensely over the last few years due to the attractive topographies such as scalability, flexibility, wild start-up and low costs. Services provided over the web are ranging from using earner’s software and hardware for dealing security and other issues. Some of the biggest challenges at this point are; providing discretion and data security to subscribers of public cloud servers. An efficient encryption technique accessible in this paper can be used for protected access to and storage of data on public cloud server, moving and searching scrambled data through announcement channels while protecting statistics confidentiality. This method ensures data protection against both exterior and interior intruders. Data can be decrypted only with the provided data proprietor key, while public cloud server is unable to read encrypted data or queries. Answering a query does not depend on it size and is done in an endless time. Data access is achieved by the data owner. The proposed schema allows unauthorized modifications detection.

Keywords: Data outsourcing, privacy, public cloud severs, access control, hash function

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Alaguraj N, Jayakumar R. Accessing secured data in cloud computing environment. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2015; 2(3): 7–13p.

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