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A Semantic Analysis of Component-Based Web Services Framework for Component-Based Software

Pradeep Tomar, Dinesh Kumar


Software components are the basic building blocks of enterprise and distributed software applications which are developed by using component-based software engineering (CBSE) approach. CBSE approach is used in developing a wide variety of software application to enhance the software reusability, quality and efficiency. In CBSE area, component-based technology is used to develop software on through different framework because it focuses on developing large software systems by integrating newly developed components and previously existing software components. In this paper we present a semantic analysis of component-based web services framework for component-based enterprise and distributed software applications. Firstly we present CBSE with web services framework and secondly how the web services and component-based applications are integrated for e-business environment and how users can generate web service dynamically from components to support semantic web environment by using web service semantic framework (WSSF) and web ontology language (OWL). Therefore, our aim is to support the development of dynamic web services framework through semantic analysis to alleviate the overheads associated with common activities performed in web development using CBSE.

Keywords: CBSE, component framework, semantic web, web services, ontology


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Pradeep Tomar, Dinesh Kumar. A Semantic Analysis of Component-Based Web Services Framework for Component-Based Software. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2016; 3(1): 20–26p.

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