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A Framework for Ratings Based Location Aware Recommendations

G. Ramesh, A. Sivva Kumar



Location based services are becoming very important in the real world. In such services, it is essential to have recommendations as the services are growing rapidly in terms of quantity. Traditional recommender systems cannot adequately cater to the needs of location based services. The reason behind this is that they do not consider spatial properties of users and items. In this paper, we proposed different kinds of ratings in a framework that caters to the needs of location based services and recommendations. We enable spatial ratings for spatial items, non-spatial ratings for spatial items, spatial ratings for non-spatial items and spatial ratings for spatial items. We built a prototype application to demonstrate the proof of the concept. Our empirical study revealed that the proposed system is very useful.

Keywords: Location-aware recommendations, recommender system, rating

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Sivva Kumar A, Ramesh G. A Framework for Ratings Based Location Aware Recommendations. Journal of Web Engineering & Technology. 2017; 4(1): 4–9p.

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