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Review on Fractional Order Sliding Mode Control of Nonlinear System

Priyanka Singh, L. B. Prasad


This paper presents review fractional order sliding mode control of nonlinear system.Sliding mode control (SMC) may be a variable structure control (VSC). It is a nonlinear manipulates approach that approaches in supplied,an impact action andrestricts plant to manage to feature in accordance to some pre-defined ordinary dynamic. This desired dynamic is mentioned as sliding surface. When plant follows sliding surface, it is in sliding mode.Fractional sliding mode control (FSMC) is that use of SMC with fractional plants, or the utilization of sliding mode manages with a sliding surface like a fractional order dynamic, or both. Here, “fractional” refers to the inclusion of fractional derivatives within the equation leading the dynamic (that correspond to fractional powers of s when a Laplace seriously change is applied, or fractional powers of jω when a Fourier seriously change is applied). Forcing a plant to behave consistent with some pre-defined easy fractional dynamic may additionally be perfect once you consider that such a dynamical behavior has sizeable robustness properties.


Fractional calculus, fractional derivative, fractional control, nonlinear control, sliding mode control

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