Vol 6, No 1 (2019)

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Table of Contents

Review Articles

Fractional q-Derivative and Generalized N2 Function PDF
Manoj Sharma, Mohd. Farman Ali 38-40

Research Articles

On the Pendant Number of Some New Graph Classes PDF
Jomon K Sebastian, Joseph Varghese Kureethara, Sudev Naduvath, Charles Dominic 15-21
Commutativity of Some Graph Operators PDF
Jeepamol J Palathingal, Aparna Lakshmanan S 1-5
n-Dimensional Eigenfunction Wavelet Transform PDF
T. G. Thange, R. D. Swami, A. M. Alure 32-37
Resolving Travelling Salesman Problem Using Modified Clustering Technique PDF
Hardik Dhingra, Gagan Deep Dhand, Rashmi Chawla, Shailender Gupta, Samarth Mittal 22-31
On Generalized fractional Integral Operators PDF
T. G. Thange 10-14
Manoj Sharma, Laxmimorya ., Rajshree Mishra 6-9
Fractional q-Derivative and N2 Function PDF
Manoj Sharma, Mohd. Farman Ali 41-43

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