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Survey Paper on Image Defogging Using Various Techniques

Bulbul Bandil, Dr. Vandana Vikas Tharke, Dr.Vikas Mahor


Because of the adverse climate conditions like the nearness fog or heavy rain, digital images are effectively subjected to a wide assortment of disturbance amid acquisition, which may decrease visual impact and influence post-handling of the image. Images corrupted by mist fog adversely the nature of vision-based physical security framework. Writing review is an imperative for comprehension and increasing significantly more learning about the particular zone of a subject. The outdoor images caught in severe climate are corrupted because of the presence of fog, rain et cetera. Images of scenes caught in awful climate have poor contrasts and hues. This may cause trouble in distinguishing the items in the caught murky pictures. Because of fog there is an inconvenience to numerous PC vision applications as it lessens the perceivability of the scene. This paper exhibits an study about various image defogging techniques to expel the haze from the fog images caught in true world to recuperate a fast and enhanced nature of fog free images.

Keywords: Defog, DCP, IDCP, CLAHE, Mix-CLAHE etc.

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Bulbul Bandil, Vandana Vikas Tharke, Vikas Mahor. Survey Paper on Image Defogging Using Various Techniques. Recent Trends in Parallel Computing. 2018; 5(1): 20–26p.

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