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Enhancement of Gain & Bandwidth Microstrip Rectidollar Patch Array Antenna for Satellite Applications

purnima Dhamija


Over few decennary  there is fastest growth in the field of satellite communication and it has its wide application in this field. There is many variety of antennas which can be used for satellite applications and the preference is given to microstrip antennas because of its merits and applications. This research includes the designing of a rectidollar patch array. In this the feeding given is microstrip feeding. The whole desigining process as well as the simulation is done on the software names HFSS. The material used for deigining is Fr4 epoxy. In this research work major aim was to increase the gain and the bandwidth of patach aaray antenna. The enhanced result was gain from -5db to -8db

Keywords: Automotive radar systems, gain and bandwidth, microstrip antenna, miniaturized, navigation, return loss

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Purnima Dhamija, Charanjeet Singh, Chahak. Enhancement of Gain and
Bandwidth Microstrip Rectidollar Patch Array Antenna for Satellite Applications. Recent Trends in Parallel Computing. 2018; 5(2): 25–30p.

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