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Analysis of DTMF Frequency on IC MT8870D

Pradeep Pokhriyal, Vinay Bhatt, Akhilesh Bijalwan


DTMF is also known as Dual tone multi-frequency. DTMF Signals make use of touch-tone mobiles with various other parts. Since analog devices are speedily creature replaced through digital devices, digital DTMF decoders with higher quality have happened to the ideal replacement. In this paper, an analysis of DTMF under the DTMF detector designs is studied on ICMT8870D. DTMF working is a based on the concept of analog telephone dialing. In this research, we analysis a frequency of DTMF, generated by DTMF generator when press the key own our mobile phone.

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Pradeep Pokhriyal, Vinay Bhatt, Akhilesh Bijalwan. Analysis of DTMF Frequency on IC MT8870D. Recent Trends in Parallel Computing. 2019; 6(3): 1–5p.


Decoder, Digital System, DTMF, MT8870D

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