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Human Resource Management:Techskill

Rasik Umanath Thalkar, Shubham Rajesh Jagushte, Vaishali Jadhav


Every organization has their own human resources in order to perform the internal and external human resource activities. Among the total human resource activities, managing the human capital i.e. employees is the significant task to any HR. The main function of HR is to recruit, manage and store the employee data which includes their personal information including their job roles, job streams, projects allotted, salaries and many more which allows them to face huge workload. In order to support the HR’s there are some electronic based HR systems called HRMS- human resource management system. Organizations should maintain HRMS software with huge number of client server applications, service providers as well as control tools. But this application is cost effective one that allows them to manage their employee’s data in a simple manner. This human resource management system will allow the HR’s to manage the employee payrolls, the timings of employee works, employee information systems, employees recruitment, employees training, employee retention and performance appraisal, employee service and employee attendance. This project belongs to a category of web application that can be accessed through PC or mobile phone with internet connection.

Keywords: HRMS, HR, HRMS, MVC Framework, technology

Cite this Article: Rasik Umanath Thalkar, Shubham Rajesh Jagushte, Vaishali Jadhav.Human Resource Management:Techskill. Recent Trends in Parallel Computing. 2020; 7(2): 19–23p.

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