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Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Parag Sane, Aniket Ware, Manisha Dhanorkar


With developing expenses of power and worry for the natural effect of petroleum products, execution of eco-accommodating fuel sources like sun-based force are rising. The fundamental strategy for saddling sun-oriented force is with exhibits comprised of photovoltaic (PV) boards. Aggregation of residue and garbage on even one board in a cluster decreases their effectiveness in energy age extensively and underscores the need to keep the boards' surface as spotless as could really be expected. In this investigation, a sun-based board cleaning robot (SPCR) has been planned. The planned double engine and crawler robot moves evenly, and the cleaning brush runs on the upward pivot. In addition, the length of the solar panel array can be detected by position switches to keep the SPCR in desired working area.


SPCR (solar panel cleaning robot), Arduino Mega, DC motor, solar panel, double rope Winch mechanism, microfiber brushes, IoT (Internet of Things)

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