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Research on Cyber Offenses under Information Technology Act, 2000

Prof. Dhaval Chudasama, Nihal Gulammahiyuddin Shaikh


Indians have switched to online technology and services mainly after the demonetization that took place in November 2016. Also, the Digital India campaign launched by the Government of India encourages people to use online services by making them easily available. Such technological advancements come with cybercrimes and so, Cyber Security is very essential especially in 2021. There have been multiple incidents where the world has encountered cyber-attacks which almost lead to cyber warfare. To avoid such incidents from happening again, the Indian Parliament has formed the IT Act, 2000. It covers all the crimes and punishments related to those crimes and describes all the things which come under Cyber Crime. The objective of this study is to cybercrimes and provisions of existing cyber laws in India and to tackle the cybercrimes using IT Act, 2000.


Cyber Crime, Cyber Security, Cyber Awareness, Cyber Offenses, Cyber Attacks, Cyber Laws.

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