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A Survey of Edge Detection and Object Segmentation from Contour based Soft Computing Approaches

Sumant Singh, Siddhartha Choubey


Soft computing approaches such as consisting of fuzzy logic, neural or evolutionary computation are the emerging field with the wide applications in edge detection and image segmentation. Such a process of partitioning the pixels regions of the digital images with boundary between two homogenous regions refers to the detection of edges. There was various approaches that have been implemented to achieve the same but their performance and its scope of operation varies widely. The main aim of the study is to present a survey of the edge detection techniques to facilitate easy object or image segmentation.

Keywords: Image segmentation, edge detection, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm, neural network



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Sumant Singh, Siddhartha Choubey, A Survey of Edge Detection and Object Segmentation from Contour based Soft computing Approaches, Recent Trends in Parallel Computing. 2015; 2(1): 16–20p.

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