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World of Cyber Security and Cyber Crime

Rachna Buch, Dhatri Ganda, Pooja Kalola, Nirali Borad


Abstract- Now-a -days, Cybercrime is one of the major crimes done by computer expert. In this paper need of cyber security    is mentioned and some of the impacts of the cybercrime. Cyber security is to provide prevention against the cybercrime, while cybercrime is that group of activities made by the people by creating disturbance in network, stealing others important and private data, documents, hack bank details and accounts and transferring money to their own. This paper gives detailed information regarding cyber security and cybercrime. It includes types of cyber security, need of cyber security, issues in cyber security, its advantages and disadvantages, history of cybercrime, types of cybercrime. 

Keywords: Cyber, Cybercrime, Cyber security, Crime, Security, Network, Hacking, Steal data, Information security, Network security, Operational security, Communicational security, Application security.


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Rachna Buch, Dhatri Ganda, Pooja Kalola et al. World of Cyber Security and Cybercrime. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2017; 4(2): 18–23p.

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