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An Enhanced RSA Cryptography and Steganography using 1-2-4 LSB Algorithm

Yamunesh Goswami, Anuj Bhargav



Steganography is the approach of the hidden information this is used for the detection of hidden know-how prevents. As the requirement of protection and privateness increases, the need of the hiding private information is ongoing. For color images, we are using 1-2-4 LSB on RGB component, then encrypt data using RSA approach. We calculate peak signal noise ratio for quality and brightness. In this approach, first the information is in encrypted form, and after encrypted, the information it is hiding into an input image. By this if the encrypted information got leaked from the input image in spite of that the middle person except the receiver cannot get the information that is in the encrypted form.

Keywords: Image steganography, spatial domain methods, spread spectrum technique, statistical technique, transform domain technique, distortion approach, masking and filtering


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Yamunesh Goswami, Anuj Bhargav. An Enhanced RSA Cryptography and Steganography using 1-2-4 LSB Algorithm. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2017; 4(2):   4–9p.

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