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To Maintain Public conservation for Secure Mobile Cloud Storage

Prashant Shrivastava


Abstract- In cloud computing, one of the center plan standards is dynamic versatility, which ensures cloud storage administration to deal with developing measures of utilization information in an adaptable way or to be promptly augmented. By integrating multiple private and public cloud services, hybrid clouds can effectively provide dynamic scalability of service and data migration. Security plays a vital during the transmission of data from the sender to the receiver in any environment. Data integrity is the storing of data from many nodes to a particular place. The concept of cloud has been introduced for the data integrity and data storage. when various mists have been actualized and the information is put away progressively than the undeniable nature of the hub starting with one cloud then onto the next is normal to accomplish and the security of the information flow is additionally hard to accomplish. In this paper we are presenting a survey of prevent conservation in mobile cloud storage. We also discuss various method proposed by various researchers.

Keywords— Privacy preservation, Public varifiability, Mobile cloud storage, hybrid cloud.

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Kamlesh Gupta, Prashant Shrivastava, Vivek Gupta, Kirti Raj Bhatele. To Prevent or Maintain Public conservation for Secure Mobile Cloud Storage. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2017; 4(3): 29–39p

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