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Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Relation between Modern Industrial Systems

Narayan Agrawal


The aim of this research is to find relation between various modern industrial systems using multi-criteria decision making i.e., fuzzy algorithm. The proposed model is focused on integrating and managing the flow of material and information to make industrial systems more responsive to customer demand.  Keeping this view, it is try to create a generalized software program with the aim of minimizing inventory. With the use of Fuzzy process and with the code developed, performance evaluation and relation between modern industrial systems i.e. Kanban, Conwip and Hybrid has been carried out.

Keywords: Kanban, Conwip, just-in-time, hybrid system, fuzzy

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Dr. Narayan Agrawal. Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Relation between Modern Industrial Systems. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2018; 5(3): 1–7p.

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