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Big Data Technology: Valuable Impact of Big Data on Library and Information Science

Anoop Singh, Priyanka Sangwan, Nishchay Kumar


Abstract: With the advancement of technology Big data is an important technology with vast amount of data storing in it and used in library and information science. In recent time Big data technology is necessary requirement for storing, accessing, retrieving, processing and regenerating new data. In digital era with the help of big data to store variety, volume, velocity, veracity and valuable data. The generating data in the form of structured, unstructured and semi-structured form. The use of big data not only field of research but also used in working daily of library professional. Analysis of big data can be used by libraries Professionals, business and Academic instructions also. Numbers of big data tools which is used to handle and maintain storage and access of large amount of generated big data. Big data technology ushering astounding changes in the information technology and research process in which storing, accessing, retrieving and processing large amount of new generated data.

Keywords: Big data, types of big data, characteristics of big data, big data analytic tools, library

Cite this Article: Anoop Singh, Priyanka Sangwan, Nishchay Kumar. Big Data Technology: Valuable Impact of Big Data on Library and Information Science. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2019; 6(3): 26–32p.

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