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A Review on Heart Disease Monitoring System by Using Machine Learning

Manju Rani, Puja Rani, Himanshi Sharma


Heart disease is one of the most popular diseases which can lead to reduce the lifespan of human beings now a day. Every year 17.5 million people are get dying due to heart disease. Researchers have been using various types of data mining techniques and machine learning algorithms to help in the diagnosis of heart disease and various other type of diseases. Health care Centre collects large amount of data. Data mining is the process of discovering or mining knowledge from a large amount of data and it also support exploring of data. This research determine whether a person is affected or not affected by heart disease which is based on their historical and real time data .In this paper Advance clustering algorithms (K means clustering algorithm) and A-priori algorithm is used for the analysis of heart disease and various type of other disease .This system is implemented on MATLAB software. MATLAB is introduced as better performance software.

Keywords: Machine learning, data mining, clustering algorithms, A-priori algorithms, Heart disease, data set, MATLAB.

Cite this Article: Manju Rani, Pooja Rani, Himanshi Sharma. A Review on Heart Disease Monitoring System by Using Machine Learning. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2020; 7(1): 1–6p.

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