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Smart Pen for Visually Challenged People

Sachin S.S., Rahind M., Nandagopan G.L., Deepa D.


Some of the main challenges faced by visually impaired people are navigation, reading, writing, sensing etc. So while they are navigating independently, any obstacle present above 150cm above ground cannot be detected with the help of a walking stick. So to detect any obstacle above 1.5m we can use a IR detector which is placed at the required height to sense the obstacle. There are many blind people with good talent to write poems, novels etc. And the language they use to write is using braille code. So a device with optical mouse technology can be used to help them. They can write English on their hand, palm etc. because they can sense through their skin. And those data can be stored.

Keywords: IR detector, Optical mouse, smart pen, Braille code, optical mouse technology

Cite this Article: Sachin S.S., Rahind M., Nandagopan G.L., Deepa D. Smart Pen for Visually Challenged People. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2020; 7(1): 16–19p.

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