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Blockchain Technology ForSelling And Buying Animals-an Android Application(Krushi Bazaar)

Karishma Bhiungade, Anil Haribhau Khade, Ekta Kamble Kamble, Vaishali Jadhav


An Android application “Animal selling app” is to help farmers ensure greater profitability through direct farmer to supplier and farmer to farmer communication. This serviceboosts business communication andbrings transparency in the system. This innovative application allows for good farmer, retailer and supplier communication. It allows farmers to login and communicate to respective dealers. When dealers publish an advertisement or offer, the respective farmers can get to know through this application instead of travelling to the markets. Farmers can sell their Cows, Buffalos and seeds in this application.This Cows are categorized into Breed,Age,Skin,Weight,Milk,Hornand buffalos are categorized into Breed,Age,Skin,Weight,Milk,height,colour. So that the farmer who purchases this cow and buffalos gets a full detail aboutthese animals this makes the farmer to analyse easily. Duplication is avoided by using blockchain methodology in this application. One cannot post the products with same description. The main aim of this project is to maximize the profit for the farmers by avoiding the middle man or broker who consumes money for exchange of farmers products, this application is fully transparent Farmers can directly deal with their consumers for the price and product details.

Keywords: Krushi Bazaar, Animal, Stable or Shed(Tabela), technology, blockchain.

Cite this Article: Anil Haribhau Khade, Karishma Bhiungade, Ekta Kamble, Vaishali Jadhav. Blockchain Technology for Selling and Buying Animals-an Android Application (Krushi Bazaar). Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2020; 7(2): 6–9p.

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