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Pre-Execution check based Cyber-Physical System

Muzammil M. Ahmad, Mahesh P. Yambal, Anand K. Pathrikar


Physical objects with computational capabilities and connectivity performing programmable task are called Cyber-Physical System (CPS). These systems deal with real time physical objects like running car, automatic washing machine, pilotless aircraft, power grid etc. CPS's are influencing from domestic machines to critical infrastructure of a country like power grid, avionics, nuclear program etc. The failure or compromise of cyber-physical system causes critical infrastructure destruction to human lives casualties, artificial floods to chemical explosion to name the few. Most of the attacks and failures are due to the human factor rather than the machine factor. This Paper proposes a system-oriented method to create a grand strategy environment. Where every instruction before execution is checked for the potential threat for the post execution effects. The system takeover the control, if found potential risk. Discard or grant the command based on checks and ultimately monitor the whole system per-execution, in-execution and post-execution.

Keywords: Cyber-Physical System, Safety, Security, Sustainability, technology

Cite this Article: Muzammil M. Ahmad, Mahesh P. Yambal, Anand K. Pathrikar. Pre-Execution Check based Cyber-Physical System. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2020; 7(2): 13–17p.

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