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Study and Analysis of Digital Counters for VLSI Applications

Bharti Singh Thakur, Sunil Shah




The counter is a fundamental and essential component. It is used in most digital devices. A counter is a sequential circuit that is used as a counter. The counter is the most widespread application of flip-flops. It is a group of flip-flops in which a clock signal is placed. A counter stores the number of processes related to a clock. It is classified into two categories. The number of flip-flops used and the way they are connected determines the number of states called modulus and also describes how the counter moves during each complete cycle. Flip-flops are connected together to conduct counting operations. A group of flip-flops is called a counter. The purpose of this review and objective survey is to combine information on digital synchronous counters.


Simulation, Clock, Flip-flops, Counters, VLSI CAD, Twisted Johnson counter

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