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An Optimal Memory Management Algorithm for Smart Home Gateway

Uttam Sharma, Pradeep Tomar


This paper proposes an optimal memory management algorithm using in smart home gateway for smart home system. Home gateway is the central component in the smart home, which manage many applications despite limited memory resources. During the application services running mode, addresses many problem. When a new application service node coming with required memory than which application or service node will be stopped or kicked out of memory to start required service node. Traditional memory management techniques - in the operating system literatures might not be efficient. If we stop a service for new service requirement than all the services that depend on it will be stopped too. Our goal is to stop the unimportant and least number of services. So we propose an optimal memory management algorithm for home gateway. It implements and performs many experiments to evaluate its performance and execution time. This proposed algorithm is implemented as a part of the Open Service Gateway Initiative. This algorithm use best fit as yardstick to show the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.


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Uttam Sharma, Pradeep Tomar, An Optimal Memory Management Algorithm for Smart Home Gateway, Recent Trends in Programming languages. 2015; 2(2): 1–6p.

Uttam Sharma, Pradeep Tomar, An Optimal Memory Management Algorithm for Smart Home Gateway, Recent Trends in Programming languages. 2015; 2(2): 1–6p.


SD Optimal, OSGi, SD heuristic, gateway, service size

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