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A Survey on Cryptography and Steganography

Pushpanjali Pandey, BM Singh


The two most significant security aspects that deal with the transmitting knowledge or information over various medium for example Internet are steganography and also cryptography. Steganography deals with the hiding the presence of an information and cryptography deals with the hiding the data contents. Both of them are used to confirm security. But none of them can be easily complete the basic need of security, i.e., the services like as capacity, robustness and undetectability etc. So, a novel technique based on combination of both steganography and cryptography called as Crypto-Steganography which overcome all other’s weaknesses and create difficult for the intruders to attack or steal most sensitive knowledge is being proposed. This paper also defines the basics idea of steganography and also cryptography on the basis of earlier literatures available on the topic. Now a days sharing the information over internet is becoming a critical issue due to security problems. Hence, more techniques are needed to protect the shared data in an unsecured channel. The present work focus on combination of cryptography and steganography to secure the data while transmitting in the network. Firstly, the data, which is to be transmitted from sender to receiver in the network, must be encrypted using the encrypted algorithm in cryptography.

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Pushpanjali Pandey, B.M Singh. A Survey on Cryptography and Steganography. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2015; 2(3): 5–13p.


Steganography, cryptography, data, security, algorithm

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