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Attack of SQL Injection on Web Application: Types, Problems, Solution

V. Harini, S. Vimal Anand


Nowadays the most common attack on websites is SQL injection. SQL injection a technique to inject crafted SQL into user input fields that are part of web forms. It is mostly used to bypass custom logins to websites. Due to this, some malicious codes gets injected to the database by unauthorized users and because of this attack, the actual database can be stolen or destroyed or modified or the device can be taken control by the hacker. The main cause of this type of attacks is poor coding by the developers. The internet is a demanding technology, which is working its way into all aspects of our civilization. So security is the main critical part in our daily life. The requirements of information security and website security within an organization have undergone several changes in the last several decades. Security is a broad topic and covers a multitude of sins. It is hoped that this paper will help reader to understand origin of lack of security on websites and better understanding and managing risk personally at both client-end and server-end.

Keywords: SQL injection, SQL injection solution, SQL injection detection, website security

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V. Harini, S. Vimal Anand. Attack of SQL Injection on Web Application: Types, Problems, Solution. Recent Trends in Programming Languages. 2016; 3(1): 25–27p.

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